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14 Thoughts to “Comer vs Bank Of Canada”

  1. Spirituality3

    Thank you for this update. I was wondering this myself. I’d like to know what’s next for the Comer team and the process to free Canadians from the clutches of these corrupt bankers and political system.


    Get your money the hell out of the big banks! If you are with CIBC, TD, Scotiabank, RBC or BMO! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! You think Canada is immune to the bail in and what happened in Greece you are a FOOL!

  3. 1churchmouse

    This info needs to be spread far and wide!!! Tks again!

  4. 1churchmouse

    I had trouble with the web site but be assured I’m coming to the event in Toronto! Tks!

  5. Old Man

    When the judiciary refuse to rule on law as in this COMER case, we can conclude that we no longer live in a democracy. This is a clear case where the Federal Court is serving the interests of their political masters and not the interests of Canadians. So much for Canadian sovereignty.

    1. John Monroe

      They didn’t refuse to rule. Lower courts threw out COMER’s case five times. By not hearing COMER’s appeal the Supreme Court was letting the lower court’s ruling stand. That is what they do with over 90% of the appeals they get, and they never give reasons.

  6. Mighty Mediocre Man

    Hmmm, seems our deficit and debt is ILLEGAL.
    Slaves to something we shouldn’t be, our wealth transferred to the filthy rich who don’t even live here.
    Parasites…..sucking us dry..

  7. Mustang Daver

    I saw your comment here…
    It led me to your channel which I find very informative. I will be protesting.
    Subscribed and liked

  8. QuantumXDT

    This was a huge issue until a complicit Supreme Court struck down the appeal to continue the fight to remove banking cartel lending sovereign debt contrary to our Constitution. Effectively sedition imho.

    1. John Monroe

      It is not contrary to the constitution. There is nothing in the constitution about the Bank of Canada. From 1867 until 1935 there was no Bank of Canada.

    2. QuantumXDT

      How much was he,(the judge), paid off is the question.

    3. Holy Fuddle Duddle

      Quantum:Obviously he got orders from headquarters when he reversed his own previous decision. Perfectly demonstrating the actions of a true sycophant.

  9. horsemania

    Fentynal deaths, in B.C., outnumber, homicides[high], suicides, and, car accidents, combined. where are police? oh!, busy, carrying baggage, while “Trudeau, pretends, it’s not happening. Trudeau, is, so, so, disappointing, on so many levels, you’d have to be a camel jockey, or an “uninformed idiot” to vote for this, stooge.

  10. Julie MacCallum

    Just figured out something about I couldn’t navigate the site on my iPad so I opened my flash player (Puffin) and seen a different layout and was then able to access the comment section. So, for anyone on iPads, you need to go in the App Store and download a flash player Personally, I use Puffin. Hope it helps

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